Plants & Your Dog

Some houseplants, flowers, and other plants can make you cat very ill or even be deadly. Here’s a list of the ones to avoid, and the ones that are ok if you have a canine in the family. Toxic to Dogs: Alocasia Elephant Ears Mum Aloe Eucalyptus Narcissus Amaryllis Fiddle Leaf Fig Nasturtium Apple [...]

Human Foods Dogs Can & Cannot Eat

Yes ApplesPumpkinBananasRiceBell Pepper’sSalmon (Cooked)BroccoliSardinesBlueberriesSpinachCantaloupeStrawberriesCarrotsSweet PotatoCheese (In Moderation*)YogurtChicken Eggs Green Beans Kale Mango Peanut Butter (no xylitol) Pineapple  No Alcohol Onions Avocado Pits and Seeds from Fruit Caffeine Potato Skins & Raw Potatoes Chocolate Raisins Coffee Rhubarb Fat Trimmings Salty Foods Garlic Spinach Grapes Wild Mushrooms Gum Xylitol (present in gum, candies, some peanut butters and other foods) Macadamia [...]

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