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A Pet Owner’s Guide to Kitten Care

Kittens have boundless energy, creating a fun, playful atmosphere, but they can also be a lot of work. When you first bring home your new kitten, you have to integrate them into your home. You then have to ensure they receive veterinary care, socialization, exercise, nutrition, and love. Understanding every kitten and cat care detail [...]

Finicky Felines: Tips to Help Ensure Litter Box Use and Acceptance

When cats first started living with people, they primarily lived outdoors and usually eliminated on soil or sand. Once people learned that indoor cats live longer and healthier lives, they kept them in the house. In addition, people devised a solution to help cats stay neat and tidy inside—the litter box. Each cat is unique [...]

Puppy Adoption Guidelines

You're adopting a puppy? Congratulations! Bringing a puppy home is exciting, but extensive preparation is required. Our Roosevelt Animal Hospital team loves puppies, and we want to ensure your new, tiny, canine friend gets the care they need. We provide puppy adoption guidelines to keep your new addition safe, happy, and healthy. Puppy-proof your home [...]

What Dog Owners Should Know About Salmon Poisoning

If your dog loves water, you should be aware of salmon poisoning, which is a bacterial infection that can affect dogs in the Pacific Northwest. Our Roosevelt Animal Hospital team prioritizes empowerment, and we believe the best way to empower you is to educate you about issues that can affect your four-legged friend. Here, we [...]

Why Does My Pet Eat Grass? A Look At Your Pet’s Unusual Appetite

Cats and dogs are not the most discerning about nibbling items they find on the floor and the sidewalk, or in the trash. Pets often eat weird things, from socks and strings, to rocks and rings. One common snack that many pets enjoy is grass. Vibrant, tender grass shoots have many appealing attributes that attract [...]

An In-Depth Guide to Microchips in Pets

For many years, microchipping has been a standard procedure in the livestock industry, and this practice is also becoming a more popular identification (ID) method for cats, dogs, and exotic pets. Although currently available microchips do not include global positioning system (GPS) capabilities, the technology is evolving. For example, some microchips can display your pet’s [...]

9 Car Safety Tips for Pets

Whether driving to the dog park or on a cross-country road trip, you must take certain precautions to keep your pet safe in the car. Read our Roosevelt Animal Hospital team’s tips to learn how to keep your pet safe during a road trip. #1: Restrain your pet appropriately If you allow your pet to [...]

9 Dog Park Safety Tips

Dog parks are great places to exercise your four-legged friend and maintain their socialization skills. However, you must take certain precautions to help keep your pooch safe during these visits. Our Roosevelt Animal Hospital team wants you and your pet to enjoy your time outdoors, and we offer tips to teach you how to keep [...]

What Pet Owners Should Know About Giardia

Giardia is prevalent in Washington, and can wreak havoc on your pet’s gastrointestinal (GI) system. Our Roosevelt Animal Hospital team often treats Giardia cases, and we provide information about this parasite, including tips on how you can help prevent your four-legged family member from contracting this infectious disease. What is Giardia? Giardia is a single-celled [...]

Marijuana Toxicity in Pets

Since marijuana was legalized, pets’ cannabis poisoning has increased, with the Pet Poison Helpline reporting a 400% rise in animal toxicity cases since 2016. Our Roosevelt Animal Hospital team explains how marijuana affects pets, and what you should do if your pet gets into marijuana.  Cannabis basics for pet owners Cannabis has been used for [...]

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